• Tony Robbins Birmingham Seminar
See Tony Robbins live at UPW Birmingham 2020. One weekend can change everything…
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UPW Birmingham is a four days’ seminar where Tony Robbins will be changing people’s lives. This event will be held on the 21st of May 2020, until the 24th of May 2020.
As you can see, the event will be held next year but booking for seats have already started because a great turn out is expected.
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What Does UPW Stand For?

UPW stands for “Unleash The Power Within”.
The seminar will be focusing on people’s hidden powers that are never used. Tony Robbins will also be working on helping people to overcome the challenges and fears that they have.
Overall, the Tony Robbins Birmingham event will completely turn people’s mindset around, enabling them to unleash the power within.
The overarching topics for the four days are as follows:
1. Turning your fears into power
2. Turning your dreams into reality
3. Breaking through to your new life
4. The power of pure energy
Throughout the day you will be lectured by the great Tony Robbins. Towards the end of the day, you will complete the fire walk. People do tend to be fearful, however, Tony Robbins will help change your mindset, so that you can believe that anything is possible. “YES”, “YES”, “YES”. By completing the fire walk, you will have the belief that you can do anything. Even when you come across challenges and obstacles, you will remember that you completed the fire walk, therefore you can overcome anything.
People live with many dreams and only a few of them come true. Why are so many people living in this world unable to turn their dreams into some sweet reality? This will be the agenda for the second day of UPW Birmingham.
Dreams always come true when you strive for them, else dreams will become your fantasies that are never going to be true.
Now you are ready to breakthrough to your new life because you have learnt how to overcome your exaggerated fears and turn it into power.
This is the right time to strike on the right place. In this session, you will breakthrough to your new life.
On this last day, you will be given some extraordinary real-life tips on how to manage and groom your body for better work performance. You will learn about your health’s role in your life.
To find out more about the UPW Birmingham event, please visit: www.upwlondonticket.co.uk
UPW Birmingham is definitely going to unleash many powers that are hidden with you so grab your tickets now.

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