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Your Fear is Your Enemy!
First, you will need to keep your fear under you. Don’t allow your fear to capture or grab you!
Let’s start from the beginning… The first question is, what is your goal and why are you not able to get this goal?
Most of the people around the world have a simple straight answer, which is their fear. However, is fear actually stopping us from achieving our goals?. A lot of people make excuses and thus they get distracted from achieving their goals. You need to see your fear and your excuses as your motivation. You have to take them as your way to success…
Your fear is the first ever hurdle that comes your way. Tony Robbins believes that you will have to choose one: fear or success.
If you want to make an impact in this world, fight your fear before taking any steps.
Most of the people lose their confidence when they fail in any department of their life but this is not a right way to get your goals. You must know that failing in anything is not a bad thing because failures will give you experience, which is very helpful in your future life strategies.
I believe every person on the earth is infected with the fear virus. However, the cage of fear can be broken! You will just need to take some brave & bold decisions and fear will automatically run away.
There is no person on the earth who is perfect. No one has reached their milestones in days or weeks. Everyone fights their fear, hurdles, problems and sometimes society to do things that they really want.
So keep your fear under your feet, don’t allow it to come and sit on your head. If your fear is under your feet,  you can easily achieve your goals.
Fear is nothing but a big balloon full of air. It just takes a needle to burst it. In real life, your confidence is your needle. So use it and break your fear right now!

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