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No one is  born a millionaire or even a billionaire. The same law applies to Tony Robbins.
How did Tony Robbins (The master of Life coaching) build his empire of over $6 billion?

His First Steps…

Would you buy a ticket for a motivational seminar for $35 when you are earning $40 per week?
I guess you would simply kick this opportunity because $35 is almost as much as you earn per week!
Anthony Robbins was also given a chance to attend a motivational seminar for $35 when he was making $40 per week and he took this opportunity because he believed that at motivational seminars you get the experience of a 50-year-old in just 4 hours. He believed that a motivational speaker spits out his lifetime experience in just a few hours.
Tony was mesmerised during that seminar. “That’s where his life game changed from zero to hero”.

Anthony Robbins Started From Scratch

He started from scratch. He started forming ideas and setting aims & objectives for future years. A suitable approach was then selected to execute the ideas.

Some Action Tony Robbins Took…

Before the age of 20, Tony formed a group of people who could help him get to where he want’s to get to. During these years he focused on improving his ability and skills.
From then on, he formed a group of people who required help in one form or the other and gave speeches. Before Tony knew it he kick-started his career and he pretty much won it.

Why did people start trusting every word that came out of Tony Robbins’ mouth?

Tony Robbins had built trust within people.
For example, when he was younger and used to conduct seminars every week, the seminars were not filled easily, due to the fact that people were very skeptical. Therefore, Tony, let people sit in his seminars for free to enable people to build their trust in him. This strategy really worked!
When Tony Robbins released his book “Unlimited Power” it was a best-selling book. People had trust in him. Everything was backed up with proven results.
Not only does he have best-selling books but his seminars across the world are always a success and are constantly filled with people ready to learn and make changes in their lives.
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